The creation, growth and viability of today's business depend to a large extent on the perfection and speed of fulfillment of accounting obligations as well as the quality of the advice provided for the optimal making of difficult decisions.
The company TAXECON is active in providing services for all kinds of businesses, freelancers and individuals.
It has experienced and capable associates with many years of experience in business organization in the accounting, consulting and technology sector, thus being the most reliable and trustworthy solution for any business.
The modern technological infrastructure, the excellent organization, in combination with the technical knowledge and the personal engagement, give us the advantage to aim at the quality, the consistency and the efficiency of our work.
We stand by you every step of the way, creating long-lasting and strong value relationships.

Accountant services

It is certain that nowadays there are many renowned economists.
However, the knowledge, in combination with the personal occupation and the additional services, distinguishes the accountant from your own accountant.

Because, your accountant

• Handles all current affairs validly and on time.
• Undertakes full coverage of your business in any kind of accounting, tax or labor affairs, without the need for any action on your part.
This saves valuable time, so that you can deal exclusively with your business.
•Is informed with the latest changes in the legislation, in order to protect, but also to benefit and develop your business.
• Adapts your collaboration to your own needs, thus creating the bases that will lead to your own profit story.
• He is available whenever you need him, because above all he understands what BUSINESS means.


We stand by you every step of the way, creating long-lasting and strong value relationships.